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18:40' 17-10-2017
Marriage, as we all know, involves two people, not just the bride, but the bridegroom as well. Although a lot is said about the bridal dress, it is just as important for the groom to dress well.


    Looking your best

    Your wedding pictures will last your whole life, so you have only one chance to look like the best man your wife could choose.

    Men don’t have to change the way they look, in terms of makeup, hairstyle etc, because people think of this as the woman's area. People will only notice your hair, for instance, if it is untidy.

    So for a man, it is not so much what you look like, as how you “package” yourself in your wedding suit.

    Start shopping early

    This advice applies to men just as much as women. In fact, it is easier for men because there is much more variety in women's clothing styles.

    That doesn't mean you can leave it until the last minute. Male clothing expert Antonio Centeno recommends preparing your suit at least 90 days before the wedding. This will set your mind at ease, and it can also work out to be more economical if you don't have to make alterations in a tight time frame.

    Practice wearing the suit

    Formal suits look great, but we don't wear them very often, so they can feel strange and uncomfortable. On your wedding day, you don't want to be squirming on the spot like a dog with fleas.

    Before the wedding, practice wearing your suit for short periods of time around the home. Not only will you get used to the feel of it, but you will also notice if there are any problems which need attention. This also applies to your shoes.

    Discuss the dress style

    To remind you again, marriage involves two people, so you must discuss the clothing style for the wedding with your future wife.

    Some people believe it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the wedding, but this does not apply to the man. It would be worse luck if you turn up to the wedding in some surprising outfit which embarrasses your bride.

    For some good advice from men's tailor Antonio Centeno, you can watch a helpful video at 

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