Malaysian Apam Balik Pancake

16:44' 04-09-2018
Apam Balik, also called “pasar malam”, is one of the most famous Malaysia street foods.


    The thin pancake is often filled with crushed peanuts and sweet corn, but other fillings, such as red beans or even chocolate rice, are available.

    It is sweet and crisp, and easy to make at home, taking only a few minutes to prepare and to cook.


    • 2 cups flour

    • 1½ cups water

    • 1 egg

    • ½ cup sugar

    • 1 tsp baking powder

    • ½ tsp bicarbonate soda


    • Blend the sugar and egg into a pale and foamy mixture.

    • Add the water and blend for a few seconds.

    • Add the rest of the ingredients, and blend for a minute until everything is well combined into a smooth batter.

    • Lightly grease a frying pan with a few drops of oil, and heat it on low-medium heat.

    • Pour in about half a ladle of the batter, and spread as thinly as possible, using the back of the ladle.

    • Sprinkle about some sugar peanuts, and about a quarter tablespoon of corn for the filling.

    • Cook for around 3-4 minutes, or until the edges turn brown.

    • Carefully loosen the edge of the pancake, and fold it in half.

    • Transfer to a cooling rack while you cook the next one.

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