Mistakes People Make With The Microwave

19:29' 06-12-2017
Microwave ovens help save up to half the time you spend on housework. However, if you dont use them properly, they can easily cause fatal accidents.

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    Wrong containers

    Most porcelain, glass and plastic containers can be used in the microwave ovens, but not all of them are safe. Generally, the products that can be used in the ovens will be labelled “microwave-safe” or “microwavable”. Choose appropriate and safe containers. Non-standard plastic containers can infuse food with toxic chemicals, causing a number of health problems.

    Opening the door early

    Suddenly opening the microwave door before the cooking time is up seriously endangers your life. If the door is not closed firmly, microwaves will spread out, affecting anyone nearby. If you open the door during the cooking time, the food can splatter out, risking burns to your body.

    Heating eggs in shells

    Similarly, if you put unpeeled eggs in the microwave to heat them, their shells will be very prone to burning, or you will have to thoroughly clean the oven after use.

    Heating foods in wrappers

    Food wrappers contain dangerous chemicals like Phthalates and Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA). When exposed to high temperatures, these substances melt and turn into carcinogens.

    Defrost foods in packages

    Many lazy people use the microwave to defrost food which is still in the supermarket packaging. The plastic in these packages, as well as preservatives, will be absorbed into the food, endangering health.

    Cleaning too rarely

    Like all appliances, microwave ovens should be cleaned regularly. When you defrost or heat foods, they splash around the oven, causing bad odours. Moreover, a dirty microwave will have a shorter life expectancy and consume more electricity.

    To clean the oven, add two tablespoons of lemon juice to a glass of water and place it in the microwave. Turn on the oven on high until the water is boiled. Five minutes later, take the glass out and clean the oven with paper towels.

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