New App Helps Learner Drivers

20:51' 01-10-2018
A new digital log book app and website will make it easier for learner drivers and their supervisors to log their driving hours.

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    Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Luke Donnellan, said that the myLearners app and website will help learners manage their hours behind the wheel and encourage safe driving behaviours.

    Supervisors will be able to approve driving hours directly through the app or a computer, with no need for a paper log book.

    The app will also help young drivers to progressively organise driving sessions that match their experience, to make sure that after they complete their 120 hours, they are ready to drive safely in all conditions.

    The app includes a range of features including reminders for both learners and supervisors to put their phones away while driving.

    “We know that in their first year of driving, young drivers are four times more likely to be involved in a fatal or serious injury crash than more experienced drivers,” said Mr Donnellan, explaining why the government was investing in the program.

    It will first be trialled by 110 learner drivers from around the state and their supervisors, and become available to the public from early next year.

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