New Centre Will Fight For Migrant Workers

17:46' 04-09-2018
Because of language and cultural barriers, insecure employment arrangements, discrimination and sometimes precarious visa arrangements, migrant workers in Victoria are easily exploited or cheated by some employers.

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    The main problem faced by migrant workers is underpayment of salary or nonpayment of superannuation entitlements. Other problems include responses to workplace accidents resulting in injury and sexual exploitation.

    Help is now available from the Migrant Workers Centre at Trades Hall Council, 54 Victoria Street, South Carlton. It was opened by the Minister for Multicultural Affairs Robin Scott on Tuesday 28 August.

    The Centre can:

    • Educate workers about issues regarding workplace safety and rights

    • Assist workers from emerging communities to address problems they encounter at workplaces

    • Collaborate with community partners to organise events and campaigns focusing on workplace rights

    • Bridge language barriers that limit workers’ access to information

    • Promote workplace rights on its own media platforms, and mainstream and ethnic community media outlets

    The centre's website reports that the State Government has pledged to make wage theft a crime if it is re-elected in November. Shortly before the centre was opened, the government released draft regulations to support a new Labour Hire Scheme to protect the wages and conditions of migrant workers. The draft regulations also propose license fees, infringement offences and penalties.

    The Migrant Workers Centre is staffed from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. For enquires, phone 9659 3516 or email

    Information and news about the centre can be found at

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