New iPhone Will Kill Off Old Apps

17:47' 12-09-2017
Apples new iOS 11 operating system, scheduled for release this month, will not support older 32-bit apps. If you have those apps on your phone, they wont work once youve updated to the new system.

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    A report from mobile app marketing service Sensor Tower, and reported as early as February this year by Tech Times, found nearly 200,000 apps on the App Store, about 8% of available apps, were not compatible with iOS 11.

    Apple released its first 64-bit iPhone 5S in 2013, and from early 2015, all apps submitted to the app store had to support the 64-bit system.

    When users try to open a 32-bit app in iOS 10.3, the beta version of iOS 11, a notification message warns that the app must be updated by the developer.

    Peter Marsh of the ABC says this is not likely to be an issue with the most used apps, such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and so on. According to the Sensor Tower analysis, the categories with the most 32-bit apps are games and educational apps.

    To find out if any of your apps are affected, open your iPhone head to the General menu in Settings. Tap on “About”, then look for “Applications”. If you can tap on it, you are shown a list of apps that won't work on iOS 11 unless they're updated. However, if you can't tap on Applications, then all of your apps will work fine.

    Android users will not be affected. Because there are so many different Android phones available, Android is in no rush to phase out 32-bit apps.

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