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17:57' 29-08-2018
Over half a million older Australians from culturally diverse backgrounds will benefit from increased access to aged care information, with the launch of the Speak My Language radio project.

    Kết quả hình ảnh cho Speak My Language radio project


    Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt said Speak My Language would play a vital role in keeping multicultural communities up to date, by providing the latest aged care information in languages they understand and are comfortable with.

    The project will engage 160 bilingual aged care facilitators and ethnic radio programs across the eastern states and Tasmania, broadcasting the stories of more than 1,000 people, both live and as podcasts.

    The project also includes online and social media resources, and links aged care providers offering services for ethnic groups with radio hosts to build understanding of the aged care sector and changes within it.

    The Ethnic Communities’ Council of NSW Inc is coordinating the project, and expects messages to reach around 50,000 seniors and their families each week. The Council has found that 80% of people accessing its bilingual information booths were not aware of the provisions available for the elderly.

    The first broadcasts will be in Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Serbian, Macedonian, Hindi, Arabic and English. In time, it will build to include up to 25 language groups.

    The $1 million initiative is supported by the Federal Government’s Dementia and Aged Care Services Fund.

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