New Recycling Plan Needed For The Future

17:51' 31-07-2018
The State Government has announced a $37 million package to increase the quality of recycled materials in Victoria and develop new markets for them.

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    In January, China decided to stop buying recyclable material from Australia. Victoria responded quickly, providing a $13 million package for councils and industry to support kerbside recyclable collection until 30 June. However, there is still nationwide pressure to find a solution to the recycling crisis.

    Victoria's Recycling Industry Strategic Plan is a blueprint for a safe, resilient and efficient recycling system in the medium to long term.

    As part of the plan, the government itself will buy products containing recycled materials in the first instance, relying on an education program to encourage a wider demand for such products.

    About a third of the package will be used to assist waste management by Councils, in an attempt to prevent major rates increases. A similar amount will be invested in research and staffing costs for future development of recycling strategies, which will be an ongoing priority.

    Other funds will be devoted to improving the collection, processing and marketing of recycled materials, with an $800,000 boost to the Landfill Levy Relief Program, assisting charity organisations.

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