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18:12' 15-05-2018
Indonesia, China, Thailand, India and Japan are among the most popular destinations for Australian travellers, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

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    Supporting High-Achieving Students

    High-achieving students in Victoria will soon have access to a new state-of-the-art facility.

    The State Budget includes $27.5 million to build a new, co-educational Centre for Higher Education Studies next to Melbourne High School in South Yarra.

    The new facility will deliver Higher Education Studies in conjunction with universities, offering a range of VCE extension programs specifically designed for high achievers. The Centre will have state-of-the-art classrooms, specialist facilities as well as lecture spaces and a theatre. It will also create a digital learning component for high-achieving students in regional Victoria.

    Students will remain enrolled at their existing schools but can attend the Centre for additional courses.

    Detailed consultation with schools, students and universities and the Department of Education and Training will occur over the course of the year to inform the final curriculum and access arrangements to ensure as many students as possible benefit from the facility.

    National Compact On Permanent Migration

    The Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA) said the National Compact on Permanent Migration represented a major step forward in consolidating the importance of migration to Australian society and its economy.

    The Compact, signed by employer groups, unions and representatives of Australia’s many multicultural communities, calls for the maintenance of Australia’s permanent migration intake.

    The Chairperson of FECCA, Mary Patetsos, said: “This is historic. We are joining with business, unions and everybody who recognises the immense importance of migration to Australia and its continuing prosperity.”

    Ms Patetsos said all members of the Compact strongly endorsed the rights of migrants to equal participation in Australian society, “free of racism, discrimination and exploitation”.

    Community Conversations Planned

    The Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) has planned a series of Community Conversation events throughout May and June, at locations ranging from the Greater Melbourne area to regional centres.

    Members of the community are invited to attend the sessions, for the opportunity to tell the VMC what is important to them and their community, help shape VMC priorities in the region, and meet Victorian Multicultural Commissioners and local Regional Advisory Council Representatives.

    Some of the sessions include Dandenong on Tuesday 5 June, St Albans on Tuesday 19 June, Broadmeadows on Thursday 21 June, and Bundoora on Monday 25 June.

    You can register to attend a Community Conversation at:

    Retired Trams Offered To Public

    Victorians are being offered the opportunity to acquire one of the 237 trams to be retired from use. Over the years, many trams have already been repurposed for varying uses, including as cafes and classrooms, and are on display in public places.

    Anyone is welcome to express their interest in acquiring a tram under the Retired Trams Strategy, with community groups and educational institutions particularly encouraged to apply. The expression of interest process will ask people to explain how they would restore, repurpose and maintain one of these trams, preserving it for future generations.

    Schools, community groups, not-for-profit organisations and other public institutions will also be able to access a tram for free.

    The expression of interest process will open on Monday 28 May, and closes on 6 July. For more information, please visit

    More Aussies Travelling To Asia

    Indonesia, China, Thailand, India and Japan are among the most popular destinations for Australian travellers, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

    From March 2017 to March this year, Australian visitors to Japan increased by 14%, while visitors to India and Vietnam each increased by 11%. There was also an increase of 5% in visits to China.

    ABS Director of Migration Statistics, Myles Burleigh, said Indonesia has long been a favourite destination for Australians, but the rate of visitors has remained steady over the past year.

    In terms of numbers, New Zealand remained the most popular destination overall, but had declined by 3%.




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