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14:16' 22-08-2018
For the first time, a Chinese navy vessel will join Australian and US forces to take part in military exercises near Darwin.

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    Chinese Navy To Join War Games

    For the first time, a Chinese navy vessel will join Australian and US forces to take part in military exercises near Darwin.

    Exercise KAKADU, to be held from late August until mid September, will include what Beijing calls “a major fleet unit”. Quoting a senior Defence source, the ABC reported that the Chinese warship is expected to conduct some training alongside Australian and American vessels, but would be excluded from certain activities for security reasons.

    The Australian Defence Department describes the activity, held every two years, as a “premier maritime exercise” seeking to “generate active and effective security partnerships between Australia and our region”. Twenty-seven nations, including Cambodia, Indonesia and The United Arab Emirates, have accepted invitations to join or observe the exercises.

    Local Jobs, By Law

    The State Government has passed a Bill which will create more jobs for Victorians and supports local industry.

    The Bill mandates minimum local content on major projects, including a 90% minimum on construction projects. It also establishes the Local Jobs First Commissioner, who will oversee compliance of local content and workforce commitments advocate, so businesses and workers get a greater share of government projects.

    In addition, there are new requirements on all government agencies to buy local uniforms and locally-manufactured personal protective equipment where possible, instead of importing gear from overseas.

    Half Our Homes Have Unsafe Products

    New figures show at least 10 people a day are injured and require medical attention as a result of unsafe products, causing serious injury and harm to thousands of Australians.

    The figures are based on reports provided to the ACCC by manufacturers and retailers. More than 4.5 million products were recalled by suppliers in the 2017-18 financial year.

    Recall notifications peaked in the summer months, with products ranging from cars and caravans, to children’s toys and prams. The highest categories included outdoor and camping products, kitchenware, furniture and children's items.

    Key recalls for the period include Takata airbags, Infinity electrical cabling, Samsung washing machines, and Safetech hardware pool gate latches.

    Unlike many other places, like the United Kingdom, European Union, Canada, Malaysia and Brazil, it is not illegal to supply unsafe products in Australia. They are only recalled when a fault or hazard is detected or reported.

    Funding Boost For Recycling

    Three Victorian recycling companies will receive over $1.1 million in funding to fast-track industry-upgrade projects to help improve the quality of processed materials.

    Australian Paper Recovery at Dandenong South, Tambo Waste in Bairnsdale, and Polymer Processors in Braeside would share in the funding.

    The funding is designed to boost the recycling sector’s capacity to reprocess plastics, paper and cardboard waste to a commercial grade acceptable to local and international markets.

    “These grants will help reprocess more than 48,000 tonnes of plastic, paper and cardboard each year and create 19 jobs in Melbourne and Gippsland,” said Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio.

    The funding follows more than $1 million provided in February as part of a $13 million package to help councils and the recycling sector.









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