Nutrition Care Products Find A Market In China

15:27' 29-05-2018
Nutrition Care, an Australian manufacturer of premium grade nutritional and herbal products, has successfully broken into the lucrative Chinese market.


    Founded by Professor Ian Brighthope 40 years ago, Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals has been manufacturing in Keysborough, Melbourne, since 1996. Its products include supplements assisting gut health, glucose metabolism, and aid in the digestion of lactose for infants and toddlers with symptoms of lactose intolerance.

    Widely recommended by healthcare professionals, they have trustworthy brand heritage and credibility. This has made it highly attractive to Chinese consumers, who can be very sceptical about their food safety practices.

    Two years ago, Chinese milk company Ausnutria Dairy Corporation purchased 75% of the company. Rival supplements manufacturer Blackmores, one of the top three selling brands in China, made an offer to buy Nutrition Care some years before, but it was rejected.

    China has traditionally placed a huge emphasis on a nutritional approach to wellness and disease prevention, and this has intensified in recent years. This has driven consumers to take a more active role in managing their health and sourcing high quality supplements. As Australian-made supplements are highly regulated, they have become the number one choice.

    Nutrition Care capitalised on this, and has been selling its products across several Chinese premium e-commerce platforms since 2016. In just one year, its annual export to these platforms already reached 300,000 units for Gut Relief, its most popular product. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are another key target market.

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