On The Road To A Use For Recyclables

17:54' 03-07-2018
With the marketing of recyclables to China now closed, Australian governments are under pressure to find a new way of managing waste. If a Victorian initiative is successful, you could be driving around on recycled plastic before long.

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    In May, the Victorian Government announced a new $2.5 million Resource Recovery Market Development Fund to help develop markets for the state's recyclable waste, and boost research and development into recycling. The fund will be managed by Sustainability Victoria to support researchers and industry in finding new ways to use recovered resources.

    The fund has already given $67,000 to major road builder Downer, which is trialling an asphalt mix for road surfacing, containing recycled plastic bags, printer cartridges and glass.

    Downer estimates that up to 15% of asphalt could contain soft plastics, and that up to 10 million tonnes of recyclable waste could be diverted from landfill every year using their new approach.

    Sustainability Victoria provided the Somerton branch of international company Close the Loop with $40,000 for equipment to develop the plastic additive used in the asphalt mix.

    “There are many ways that plastics and glass can be recycled, but these initiatives often need a kickstart,” said Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio.

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