​Online Safety Campaign Tackles Bullies

18:17' 17-04-2019
A new national campaign has been launched to help parents, carers and teachers start the chat about online safety.

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    The campaign was launched on Friday 15 March, the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. It aims to arm parents, carers and teachers with the right resources to help keep children and young people safe online.
    Research shows that more Aussie kids than ever are having negative online experiences, including cyberbullying, unwanted contact from strangers and social exclusion.
    “Our research shows 81% of parents have given their pre-schoolers access to an internet-connected device, so open and honest conversations about safe online behaviour need to be starting in the home earlier than most people think,” says eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant.
    Ms Grant says that with technology changing so fast, it is vital parents, teachers and all those who care for children are equipped with up-to-date, accurate and easy-to-follow information.
    Through the range of resources available on eSafety’s website, parents, carers and teachers can find information about the personal, emotional and legal consequences of online behaviours.
    eSafety is hosting free virtual classrooms for schools around the country to help empower students and teachers through practical strategies to prevent, manage and report bullying online. More than 320,000 students have participated in these classrooms since 2015.
    Online bullying can take many forms, including name calling, unwanted messages, threats, and content posted without consent.
    Parents, carers, teachers and others can find more information at esafety.gov.au.

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