Organ Donors Can Save Lives

19:55' 30-07-2018
Posters and messages urging Australians to register as organ and tissue donors will become a more common sight from this week. Organs and tissues donated at death can improve or even save the lives of people suffering from liver, kidney or other organ failures.

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    DonateLife is joining forces with Tonic Health Media as part of DonateLife Week, 29 July to 5 August, to bring the organ and tissue donation message to millions of Australians. Last weekend, as part of the Round 19 of the football season, the Australian Football League also teamed up to promote lifesaving organ and tissue donation.

    The collaboration will see DonateLife posters and video content promoted in more than 1,650 GP clinic waiting rooms and 300 pharmacies across the country from now until the end of October.

    The Minister for Aged Care and Indigenous Health, Ken Wyatt, the Minister responsible for DonateLife and the Australian Organ and Tissue Transplantation Authority, says that although 81% of Australians believe that registering their donation decision is important, only 34% have joined the Australian Organ Donor Register.

    Last year, 510 deceased organ donors and 273 living donors, saved and improved the lives of 1,675 Australians. A further 9,600 Australians benefited from eye and tissue transplants.

    At present, 1,400 Australians are on waiting lists for a life-saving transplant, and another 11,000 are on dialysis.

    Anyone can register for this life-saving service online at It takes less than a minute, and all you need is your Medicare Card number.

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