Parents Reminded To Update Vaccine Shots

01:48' 22-01-2018
Victorian parents returning from summer holidays are urged to make sure their children are fully immunised before they return to childcare and school.

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    Under the State Government's “No Jab, No Play” law, introduced last November, all children enrolling in early childhood and care services must be up to date with their immunisations.

    Since introducing the law, Victoria has achieved its best ever immunisation coverage, with 94.9% of Victorian children aged five now fully immunised. This is the second highest coverage rate in Australia. Before the law was introduced, the coverage was just 92.5%.

    Only Immunisation History Statements from the Australian Immunisation Register will be accepted when enrolling in childcare or kindergarten. Without these, your child cannot attend.

    Documents produced by GPs or others will no longer be accepted. This is because in the past some “rogue practitioners” have issued false statements of immunisation or exemption to parents who have simply chosen not to vaccinate their children.

    The law does not prevent children from attending primary or secondary school.

    This month a campaign using real-life stories to promote the benefits of immunisation has hit TV screens, radio, cinemas, online and social media.

    Migrants who are not already registered, or unsure about the immunisation program, can learn all they need need to know on the government website You can also download the “VaxOnTime” app here, to receive reminders of when your child’s immunisation status is due.

    Also, Councils run regular immunisation information sessions. Please visit your local Council website for details.

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