Parents Urged To Look Before They Lock

03:36' 22-02-2018
The State Government has launched a new campaign, based on recommendations by the Victorian Coroner, to warn parents about the risk of accidentally leaving their child in the car.

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    The Victorian “Look Before You Lock” campaign is the first in Australia, although the problem is nationwide. The campaign aims to raise awareness about “fatal distraction”, which can affect any parent or carer who is experiencing extreme tiredness, stress or a change in routine.

    Research shows short term memories can only hold six to eight items at a time. It is thought that this is how a parent, through stress and exhaustion, may leave their child behind in a car, which can result in serious injury or death.

    The campaign encourages parents and carers to establish the habit of always looking in the back seat before locking their car, so it becomes second nature, similar to putting on a seatbelt.

    Minister for Early Childhood Education Jenny Mikakos says the campaign “is about preventing the tragic deaths of babies or children who are inadvertently left in cars”.

    Put in these terms, no blame or criticism is placed on the parents. It is a risk similar to driving when drowsy, not an offence like driving when drunk.

    Under Victorian law, it is an offence to leave a child under 12 unattended in a car for an “unreasonable” time, according to the circumstance. For example, in most cases it would not be an unreasonable time if the parent was paying the bill at a petrol station, or dropping into a shop to buy one item. However, in any such case there is no way of predicting unforeseen events which might prevent the parent from returning soon to their car.

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