Poor Sleep Affects The Work Of Most Aussies

19:38' 10-07-2018
The findings of recent research suggest that a lack of sleep is seriously affecting the performance of Australians in the workplace.

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    A new survey from SeventeenHundred and REMinder Health found that nine out of ten people experienced poor sleep. More than half of the respondents reported that poor sleep affected their concentration two or more days per week. One in four said they were impacted by poor sleep every day.

    Dr Roy Sugarman, world renowned clinical psychologist and director of neuroscience at SeventeenHundred, said the Sleep Health Foundation found poor sleep cost the Australian economy more than $66 billion annually, with productivity losses alone accounting for almost $18 billion.

    Dr Sugarman said that participants in an Australian trial who stayed awake for 17 to 19 hours were found to have an impact on their mental functioning and co-ordination which was equivalent to having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05%.

    Another survey into the sleep patterns of more than 2,000 Australian adults nationwide, commissioned by biopharmaceutical company MSD, revealed that 46% of those surveyed reported having sleep difficulties regularly or occasionally.

    Of these, 60% claimed they have not experienced a good, restful night’s sleep without the use of sleep medication at any time in the last month.

    The survey found that women were nearly 20% more likely to experience sleep difficulties than men.

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