Predicting Your Child's Future Height

17:36' 07-03-2019
Parents often wonder what their children will be like when they grow up, such as their personality and talent. They also like to predict their children’s height, weight, and IQ.

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    Boys are usually taller than girls, but there are other signs that may help predict your kids’ future physique.

    Body length at birth

    Your baby’s body length at birth tells a lot about his or her future height. The average length of babies born full term is about 50 cm. It ranges between 45.7 cm and 60 cm. After the first month of life, their length usually increases by 4-5 cm.

    Your kid is taller

    If your child is taller than his or her fellows, then this may be remain the case throughout life. However, if your kid is shorter than others, don’t worry. Children experience height growth throughout childhood and until puberty. Girls often stop increasing height by the age of 16, while boys reach their adult height at 18.

    Tall parents

    Like many other aspects of growth and development, genes play a big role. If you and your spouse are tall, your child will be likely to inherit this. However, in some instances, kids of parents who have medium or great heights suddenly stop developing for unclear reasons.

    Good nutrition

    Provide your child with the nutrients needed to promote growth, especially during the first three years of life. The right foods are calcium-rich ones like milk, yogurt, and spinach, and high-protein foods like eggs, oatmeal, and lean meat.

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