Preventing Acne When Staying Up Late

15:28' 07-02-2019
When you stay up late, the body increases cortisol production, affecting the activity of sebaceous glands and causing acne. If you are not an early to bed person, you should take some steps to prevent his.

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    Staying up late causes the body to dehydrate quickly, making the skin prone to dryness. At this time, sebaceous glands automatically produce more oil, and the excess oil causes acne. If you’re up late, drink plenty of water.

    Cleanse your face

    With extra sweat and oil production in the skin, pores will easily clog up. Before going to bed, cleanse your face and massage it gently with gentle cleansing products to keep your skin clear.

    Eat good foods

    You should also eat foods that nourish your skin. Citrus fruits, foods rich in vitamin A and E, or fruits with a high water and low sugar content all help improve your skin effectively. However, you should avoid eating fruits right before sleep, and moderate consumption is better.

    Relaxed mood

    Stress is another cause of increased cortisol production and sebaceous gland activity. A happy and relaxed mood will help minimise the increase. Avoid stressful activities and keep your mood as relaxed as possible. This will help prevent acne caused by stress hormones.

    Avoid sweets and dairy

    Foods high in sugar, and dairy products, are not good for the skin at all. High sugar foods boost insulin production and cause acne. Milk or dairy products also contribute to the severity of acne. Try to avoid both.

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