Putting Your Wedding In The Picture

19:31' 11-01-2018
Nothing can be left to chance for your “happiest day”, and this applies very strongly to your wedding photos. They will be the one physical record which lasts for the rest of your lives. That means choosing your photographer is extremely important.

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    Wedding photography will usually cost at least $2000. Cheaper options are available, but obviously you must check out the photographer and their work carefully.

    Don't judge a photographer just by their cost. Big studios with expensive overheads will have to charge more. Smaller, independent photographers don't have these costs, so they can charge less, but that doesn't mean the quality of their work is poor.

    As with venues, dress, catering and so on, choose a few photographers and examine their other work and the services they offer. Ask as many questions as possible.

    Professional photographer Anthony Rogers suggests getting someone with photography knowledge to check their work closely.


    Your photographer should offer a good range of albums, frames, and other forms of presentation. Some will also provide the photos on a USB stick, so you can produce your own prints and albums. It is a good option to include in the product package anyway, although some photographers might be afraid of their work being onsold or in some way abused, affecting their reputation.

    First Look

    It was traditional for the marrying couple to see each other for the first time only on their wedding day. That is rare these days, but many people still like to keep this tradition, and do the photo shoot between the ceremony and reception.

    However, organising the photo shoot before the wedding ceremony lets you spend more time with your guests, so this is a time saving option.

    Choice of shot

    Photographers are proud of their work and want you to trust them, but most also say they are happy to have a check list of shots the couple want them to take. It is better to discuss this in advance, rather than find out later that there is no “first dance” or “cutting the cake” shot.

    Madeleine Chiller recommends her clients to provide a list of required family shots.


    Choose locations which avoid spending too much time driving. Jennifer Dean says she always chats with her couples about places with some kind of personal meaning to them, such as where they met, or proposed, or places they like to hang out.

    Photographers Iain and Jo have set up a website of locations to consider at www.iainandjo.com.au/best-wedding-photography-locations-melbourne.

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