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18:10' 07-02-2019
The Australian International Airshow is on from 1-3 March 2019 at Avalon Airport.

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    The event is one of the Asia-Pacific's most prestigious aviation and aerospace events and the most comprehensive aviation, aerospace and defence exposition in the southern hemisphere.

    However, there is plenty for the public, with a chance to view both the history and the future of air transport and air power. The popular airshow, now in its 31st year, is expected to attract almost 200,000 people.

    Jet fighters, strike bombers and heavy lift leviathans are joined by swarms of attack helicopters, from home and abroad, for a series of breathtaking routines and simulated combat manoeuvres.

    The event also features the best collection of aerobatic daredevils ever to be gathered together for an Australian air show.

    There will also be historic aircraft from the classic years of aviation, with an impressive collection of World War II aircraft. The aerospace showcase will feature the technology of tomorrow with special insights into space exploration and man’s foray into the final frontier.

    For the first time this year, Avalon Airshow will be cheaper and more convenient than ever before. Passengers can buy public transport tickets at a 25% discount when they purchase their ticket to the Avalon Airshow.

    The tickets can also be used to travel on Melbourne’s public transport and Geelong’s local bus network during the three-day event.

    For more information and to buy tickets now, go to www.vline.com.au/airshow.

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