Reasons To Have Short Hair At Least Once

18:09' 01-11-2017
Wearing your hair long or short is mostly a matter of personal taste, but there are eight reasons why you should cut your hair short at least once in your life.




    Cutting hair back removes split ends and damaged hair, so it is good for the health of your hair. If you worry that short hair doesn't suit you, remember that your hair will grow back again.

    Younger look

    Getting short hair is the easiest way to look younger. Do you wonder why so many middle-aged and older women prefer short hair? If you constantly hear that you are looking older, don't hesitate to visit the hairdresser.


    When you sit down for a haircut, especially if it is the first short haircut in your life, your body will produce an amount of the hormone adrenaline. That makes your heart beat faster, causing you to feel both nervous and excited.


    It is always the fashion models or actors with short hair and dark makeup who people say look the most “cool”. When you break your own habits, you will find yourself feeling “cool” as well.

    Time saving

    When you don't have to spend so long washing, drying and styling your hair, you will feel more comfortable and relieved. Short hair only takes a little time to dry, without the need to use a dryer.

    Style variety

    Short hair gives you the chance to try a much wider variety of different fashion styles. Depending on your hair type, longer hair is more limited.


    You will need about a week to get used to the new hairstyle. In that time you can change your makeup style and hair care habits. This makes it a good opportunity for you to refresh your personal self.


    The reason why broken hearted people have their hair cut is the feeling of relieving stress when they see their hair falling to the floor. If you have sad or tired feelings, get rid of them along with your old hair, to start a new and more energetic life.

    Phung Nguyen

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