Chocolate Rice Cakes

Chocolate Rice Cakes

Puffed rice cakes are a tasty alternative to bread, crackers and other grain foods. As a lunchtime snack they make a good base for salads or other spreads.
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  • Chicken Chow Mein

    15:06' 07-02-2019

    Chicken Chow Mein

    Chow Mein is a westernised dish based on Chinese cuisine. The correct spelling is “chao mian”, and means “fried noodles”.

  • Sweeten The Table With White Christmas

    02:54' 07-12-2018

    Sweeten The Table With White Christmas

    An important part of the Christmas tradition is food. Apart from the Christmas Dinner, its the custom to have many bowls and plates around with snacks such as sweets, nuts, dried fruit, cake and biscuits.

  • Chicken Chow Mein

    20:22' 02-10-2018

    Chicken Chow Mein

    Chow Mein is a Westernised dish based on Chinese fried noodles (chao mian).

  • Pad Thai Fried Noodles

    16:47' 04-09-2018

    Pad Thai Fried Noodles

    Pad Thai, which means “Thai style fried noodles”, is famous as Thailands national dish, but it actually came to Thailand from Vietnam.

  • Malaysian Apam Balik Pancake

    16:44' 04-09-2018

    Malaysian Apam Balik Pancake

    Apam Balik, also called “pasar malam”, is one of the most famous Malaysia street foods.

  • Hot And Sour Seared Tofu

    14:01' 28-08-2018

    Hot And Sour Seared Tofu

    Tofu (or doufu) is a curdlike food made from soybeans, high in protein and featured in many Asian dishes.

  • Thai Curried Chicken Rolls

    15:06' 21-08-2018

    Thai Curried Chicken Rolls

    It takes a bit of work to prepare these spicy chicken pastry rolls, but they are great for snacks or parties, and can be eaten hot or cold with a chilli dip.

  • Apple And Pear Coconut Cake

    14:53' 20-08-2018

    Apple And Pear Coconut Cake

    One of Modern Asians readers, Aryani Siti, has sent us this recipe for a delicious cake.

  • Moist Banana Cake

    15:05' 14-08-2018

    Moist Banana Cake

    Dont throw out old bananas that are going brown. They are the perfect ingredient for this spongy cake.

  • Korean Style Barbecue Chicken

    18:17' 08-08-2018

    Korean Style Barbecue Chicken

    This is a simple recipe, but its spicy, sweet, and sour taste offers something a little different for those who are lovers of barbecued chicken.

  • Chinese Sea-Fresh Greens

    18:08' 08-08-2018

    Chinese Sea-Fresh Greens

    Green leafy vegetables are an important part of our diet, but some people complain they are boring and have no flavour.

  • Thai Beef Mince With Mint And Coriander

    19:08' 18-07-2018

    Thai Beef Mince With Mint And Coriander

    This recipe, accompanied with rice or noodles and leafy greens, provides a quick and nutritious family serve.

  • Banh Pate So

    18:43' 18-07-2018

    Banh Pate So

    Combining French pastry making with Vietnamese cuisine, Banh Pate So are “party pies” with an Asian touch.

  • Burmese Chicken Curry

    20:35' 16-07-2018

    Burmese Chicken Curry

    This easy to make curry is very good with rice, but can also be prepared with potatoes or pasta.

  • Oyakodon Chicken & Egg

    13:42' 11-07-2018

    Oyakodon Chicken & Egg

    This quick Japanese chicken and egg dish, served with steamed rice, is perfect for the busy worker who has little time to prepare a family meal.

  • Jian Bing Savoury Pancakes

    20:52' 10-07-2018

    Jian Bing Savoury Pancakes

    All over China, jian bing flatbread is a common street food, especially for breakfast. According to legend, soldiers used their shields to cook this dish over a fire.

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