Traditional Chow Mein

Traditional Chow Mein

This is the only dish in the world which is authentically Chinese Australian. Different methods can be found in most Australian cookbooks, and it is every non-Chinese Australian mothers one Chinese meal.
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  • Creamy Thai Laksa

    18:32' 05-09-2017

    Creamy Thai Laksa

    This Laksa blends chicken, boiled eggs, cucumber and bean sprouts, with rice vermicelli and soup. Even without the chicken, it is a wholesome and delicious dish.

  • Beef Rendang

    18:29' 28-08-2017

    Beef Rendang

    Beef Rendang is an Indonesian dish, made by simmering beef in coconut milk and spices until it is tender.

  • Eight Treasures Stir Fry

    13:54' 16-08-2017

    Eight Treasures Stir Fry

    “Eight Treasures” stir fried vegetables with meat, called in Chinese Ba Bao La Jiang, is a popular dish famous in Shanghai. It can be served with either rice or noodles.

  • Spicy Ginger Curry

    13:41' 08-08-2017

    Spicy Ginger Curry

    Ginger is a miracle ingredient for cooking. It goes well with sweet, sour or spicy flavours, adding a special touch to any meal. However, it also has noted health benefits, aiding digestion and protecting against gastrointestinal irritation.

  • Thai Chicken Kebabs With Vegetable Rolls

    13:45' 03-08-2017

    Thai Chicken Kebabs With Vegetable Rolls

    Here is a simple, delicious, healthy recipe for snack or party food. As it takes only half an hour to prepare and cook, it is a perfect solution for the “last minute” food problem.

  • Beef Lok Lak

    15:33' 18-07-2017

    Beef Lok Lak

  • Burmese Semolina Cake

    18:36' 27-06-2017

    Burmese Semolina Cake

    This delicious and nutritional cake comes from Myanmar (formerly Burma).

  • Vietnamese Dipping Sauces

    16:54' 15-06-2017

    Vietnamese Dipping Sauces

    Dipping sauces are the right things to accompany most Asian meals, and can also be used for the snack tray at parties.

  • Chilli Honey Chicken & Horseradish Potatoes

    19:59' 06-06-2017

    Chilli Honey Chicken & Horseradish Potatoes

    In this recipe the hot chillies are balanced by the cooling effect of mashed potatoes with horseradish. If you dont like your food to be too spicy, use dried chillies and remove the seeds first.

  • Scrambled Savoury Doufu

    18:17' 23-05-2017

    Scrambled Savoury Doufu

    Doufu (or tofu) is an excellent protein source, with many different methods of preparation.

  • Vanilla & Turmeric Protein Balls

    20:02' 22-05-2017

    Vanilla & Turmeric Protein Balls

    Vanilla and Turmeric Protein Balls are a great snack for parties, travelling or the school lunch box.

  • Thai Pork With Eggplant

    18:25' 16-05-2017

    Thai Pork With Eggplant

    Eggplant, or aubergine, is often overlooked as a vegetable. It has many uses, and is a good colourful addition to a stirfry, such as this one.

  • Karaage Chicken With Kewpie Mayo

    14:47' 10-05-2017

    Karaage Chicken With Kewpie Mayo

    Karaage chicken is a Japanese style of fried chicken. It is crispy with a sweet flavour.

  • Hot Sour Carrot Pickle

    14:44' 02-05-2017

    Hot Sour Carrot Pickle

    Pickle adds flavour which can add a special life to any meal. Asia is home to many, as a stroll through any Asian grocery shop will show. However, they are easy to make yourself, and you can choose exactly the sort of tastes or fragrances you want to combine.

  • Crispy Cream Cheese Wontons

    14:32' 02-05-2017

    Crispy Cream Cheese Wontons

    Crispy cream cheese wontons, also called crab rangoons or crab puffs, are an American Chinese snack with a crispy outside and a cream cheese filling instead of pork.

  • Coconut Satay Prawns

    19:35' 20-04-2017

    Coconut Satay Prawns

    This dish magically combines creamy coconut sauce and a subtle peanut flavour with fish sauce.

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