Recycle And Repurpose For Your Centrepiece

15:33' 07-12-2017
The Centrepiece is a receptacle, usually containing flowers, in the middle of the dining table. For an occasion like a wedding reception, it may have some theme, but even if it doesnt, it should make the table look “honoured” in some way.

    If the bride and groom love the modern and youthful style, or just want to try something different, without looking like they are overdoing it, then they could consider using recycled or “repurposed” items as flower receptacles.

    Glass bottles

    For this very basic flower arrangement style, you just need a few colourful flowers, bottles, and glass jars. Combining simplicity with variety, a little improvisation can make a uniquely beautiful flower setting.



    Tea cups

    If you use old tea cups to decorate the dinner party tables, you can either choose one style or go for variety, as with the glass bottles. This can be both economical and fun, if you cruise around the opp shops to build up your teacup collection. Whatever you choose, for this style you should use ball-shaped flowers with short stems, like hydrangeas, peonies, or roses.



    Wooden pots

    Another way of getting variety to your centrepieces is to choose delicate wooden flower pots of all shapes, square, round, hexagonal and so on. They will be especially good if you have chosen a rustic style for your wedding.



    Light bulbs

    If you're prepared to do a little tricky surgery, cut the base off old light bulbs, and hang them upside down as vases.



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