Retaining Good Fortune When Moving House

19:14' 18-07-2018
When you leave your old house for a new one, including a rented house, it is worth getting advice from an experienced feng shui consultant about how to retain your good fortune and health.

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    There are some general factors to help guide your decision. The most important is choosing the right time.


    According to tradition, winter is the best time to move house, because this is the end of the year, when rental agreements expire and moving into a new space can bring good fortune in the new year.

    In spring, few people move house because they want to enjoy the New Year with their family. The weather is often cold and wet in this season, hindering the transportation of furniture and relocation.

    If you have to move house in spring, use a removal service to make the job easier.

    Summer is rarely chosen, because it takes a lot more work due to hot and sunny weather. If you move house in this season, spend weekends arranging and packing your belongings, and store them in the empty spaces of the house.

    Fewer people move in autumn, but it can be the ideal time, because often everyone has a relaxed mood.


    According to feng shui experts, choosing a good date for moving house can bring good luck, help make business profitable, and prevent trouble.

    Choose a date that is suitable for the homeowner's age and feng shui element. Even if that date seems “bad” for practical reasons, if it suits your feng shui nature then it is really a good day.


    As with the date, you should not choose a time to move just because it is convenient for practical reasons. In general, you can move house at any time, because the date is more important.

    In winter, the time of moving house should be at noon, when the temperature is at the highest level.

    The best time to move your personal belongings is early morning and evening.

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