Salt Water Cure For Negative Chi

01:14' 21-12-2017
Whatever you do, you cannot avoid some negative chi energy building up in the your home from time to time. Sometimes this arises simply from “flying stars” in the new year.


    A simple way to absorb the negative chi from the air is to set up a “salt cure”. This can be done several times a year, but it is also recommended at the start of the year and when you move into a new home.


    • Fill a small glass jar or Scotch glass about three quarters full with rock salt.
    • Place six Chinese coins on top of the salt in a circle, with the four character side (Yang side) up.
    • Sit the jar on a mat, in an open space where it will not be disturbed. Don't put it inside a cupboard.
    • Don't cover the jar with a lid or anything else.
    • Fill the jar to the brim with water. Don’t worry if the coins sink a little.
    • Always keep the water topped up.
    • Avoid touching or moving the jar too much.

    The jar will form crystals over time, as it absorbs the negative chi.

    Special notes

    • If you don't want visitors to see the salt cure, put a large photo in front of it, or put it on a high shelf, so long as it is openly exposed to air.
    • Remember that you have to check it regularly to keep the water topped up.
    • Don't put the cure where small children or animals can disturb it.
    • Don't clean away the crystals which form. When there are too many crystals, change the cure.
    • You can place other Metal element feng shui cures near the salt cure.


    • At the end of the Asian New Year you should throw away the old coins, glass, water and salt.
    • Pour the water down an outside drain leading away from the back of your house.
    • Put the glass and coins in a plastic bag or container and place it in your rubbish bin.
    • Don't wash and reuse them, this can bring very bad luck.

    Yan Yi


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