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17:02' 07-03-2019
College textbooks put a strain on a student’s tight budget every semester. Here are some smart strategies from Insider Guides to help you get your textbook costs down.

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    Students from higher years

    Check your college message boards, both physical and online, for textbooks advertised for sale by students in higher years. Get ahead of the game by putting up your own notice, asking for higher year students with textbooks they no longer need to contact you.

    Online tools

    Online resale websites, like Textbook Exchange at, make it easy for students to list their unwanted textbooks. Type in the ISBN for the book you require and then view the results. Generally, you will save about 50% on the original retail price.


    If you don’t need a hard copy of your textbook, buy a digital edition. This not only saves money, but also allows you to access the content from various locations with a device. Some textbooks can even be rented digitally, saving you even more.

    Rent your textbooks

    If you only need a textbook for one semester, it is possible to rent the book. Zookal, at, rents all of your required textbooks at the start of the semester and then return them at the end. If you spend more than $50, delivery is free.

    Use the library

    Your library will stock copies of textbooks for all courses. Some are available for loan, but otherwise you might have to use them only in the library. This is less convenient, but it costs you only time and organisation.

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