School Road Safety Still A Priority

19:59' 30-07-2018
Now that term three is well under way, councils are reminding everyone in the community that road safety around schools remains a strong priority.

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    Whitehorse Councillor Andrew Munroe said adhering to road rules, such as speed limits and parking restrictions, and using common sense around school drop off and pick up zones could mean the difference between injury or safety for children and their carers.

    “It’s important to educate students about crossing roads safely and waiting to get in and out of a car until it is safe to do so,” Cr Munroe said.

    To improve road safety, parents and carers should follow the safety rules, even when running late.

    • Stick to the posted speed limit sign.
    • Slow down near school.
    • Park safely even if it means walking further to the school gate.
    • Never stop in designated “no stopping” areas.
    • Avoid U-turns, three-point turns and double parking.
    • Drop off and pick up children on the school side of the road.
    • Don’t call out to children from across the road.
    • Children should only get out of the car on the kerb side.

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