Seniors Content Despite Some Security Worries

18:33' 07-03-2019
Most Australian seniors say they enjoy their lives more now than they did in their 20s to 40s, and close to 60% have no fear of ageing, according to a study by the Australian Seniors Insurance Agency.

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    The report is the eleventh instalment of an ongoing national study investigating attitudes and concerns affecting Australians over 50.

    Although 7 out of 10 say they enjoy life more, about two thirds are concerned about financial security, and nearly half don’t trust the system to look after them in retirement.

    Their contentment may be due to keeping up good habits, with nearly 90% saying they maintain a healthy lifestyle, and more than a quarter feeling in good health. In fact, vitamin and mineral supplements make up 86.9% of the most commonly used alternative medicines among seniors.

    Over 70% say they enjoy life more because they have more free time to do what they want, and over half say it is due to less work pressure.

    In other findings from the research, more than 3 in 10 feel pressured to keep fit for the sake of their looks, and 4.4% have had plastic surgery.

    One in four seniors feel there is a lack of social opportunities available to Australians over-50, while a similar proportion (22.9%) feel there is a lack of public services catering to their needs.

    The current Federal Government said in October it will invest an additional $100 million over two years to support senior Australians to remain living independently in their own homes, in the hope of giving senior Australians more certainty, options and independence.

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