Serious Clothing Mistakes To Avoid

18:23' 15-11-2017
It isnt hard to look perfect, so long as you can avoid a few serious fashion mistakes.



    Give yourself time

    In daily life, we rush to get ready in the morning, without thinking too much about what to wear for the day. It is maybe only later you notice you haven't got the look you wanted before going out. To avoid this situation, you should choose your outfit and accessories the previous night. For more serious occasions, choose your outfit well in advance.

    Watch the weather

    Although you want to express your character and personal style, you should still pay attention to the extremely important factors of temperature and weather. You can expect people to give you a weird look when you wear a thick coat on a hot day, or a long maxi dress on a rainy day.

    Wrong for the circumstances

    Similarly, you will not create the right impression if you wear high heels when going for a picnic with your friends, or wear too short and sexy clothes at your workplace.

    Poor fit

    No matter how much you like a particular garment, you need to make sure it fits your body. A clothing item that is too tight or too loose will give you a bad look.


    Make sure the material is in good condition. A suit made of fine material makes you look elegant, while a crumpled outfit in the same style gives the wearer a less luxurious look.


    Some people may say underwear is not important, because no one sees it. However, your appearance depends greatly on how you choose your underwear.

    Well-fitting bras or knickers that suit your clothes and shape your body effectively will help you get the most out of your physical attractiveness. In contrast, if your underwear is exposed or leaves marks on your skin, you get the opposite result.

    Colour combination

    If you are not confident about your colour combination, it is best to give preference to neutral colours, or just highlight a prominent one. A black and white combination is easy to wear, and never out of fashion.

    Fix small mistakes

    Sometimes you may be embarrassed to find your top thread is loose, a button is missing or your clothes have a stain. Carry a small package of needles and thread in your bag, so that you can deal with any problems immediately. Only black and white thread is necessary.

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