Should Be A Piece Of Cake

17:59' 14-11-2017
An important part of every wedding reception is the moment when the bride and groom stand together to cut the cake.

    Kết quả hình ảnh cho the bride and groom stand together to cut the cake


    In the catering world, making the right wedding cakes is a huge professional industry. Everyone knows the wedding cake is the centrepiece of the wedding reception, maybe even the most important “decor” item.  

    Easy Weddings gives a good range of cake suppliers, which you can search by location, and some useful advice for booking the wedding cake in general.

    When you get a quote, give the supplier your wedding date, the venue, and the number of guests. You should also find out what delivery options are available.

    The second thing requires a lot more thought. You have to decide not only the type of cake, but its icing and decoration. Usually these will fit the theme of the wedding.

    Here you can expect a lot of help from your cake supplier. Whatever theme you choose, there is a good chance other couples have chosen it before.  Most suppliers are not only prepared to discuss the design and style of your cake with you, but also they strongly encourage it. Look for this when you browse for cake suppliers.

    One point is easily overlooked. Couples often like a special piece of music to play while they cut the cake. If you can't decide this for yourself, you can listen to a range of suggestions online at

    Needless to say, look at the photos or cakes the supplier displays. Your eyes are the best judge.

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