Show Some Kindness To Your Washing Machine

14:49' 17-08-2017
Washing machines seem like one of the toughest household appliances. They are certainly designed to work hard for many years, but they also have their weaknesses.

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    When a washing machine breaks down, it might not just be through age. Some of the things we do cause a washing machine to wear out more quickly.

    Not emptying pockets

    If metal coins are left in pockets, they can fall out during the wash and batter the washing machine drum during the spin cycle. This can also damage the glass in a front loader.

    Leaving the door open

    The inside of the machine is a damp environment. Leaving the lid up or the door open brings in air, allowing mould to grow. This will affect the smell of your clothes, but can also cause parts of the machine to deteriorate more quickly.

    Leaving laundry too long

    Wet laundry means dampness in the machine, another cause of quicker deterioration. If you don’t have time to hang out your clothes straight away, you should still remove them and put them in a basket.

    Dirty filter

    The filter stops lint and stuff washed out of your clothes from blocking up hoses and pipes. However, it becomes full very quickly, so lint from later washes will stay with the clothes. You should clean the filter after every wash.

    Cleaning your machine

    Like a sink or bathtub, some of the dirt from your wash will never rinse out by itself. The easy way to clean your machine is to run the hot water cycle without washing powder or clothes. Add half a cup of bicarbonate of soda and two cups white vinegar. Depending on the size of your household, sometimes you should also wipe the machine out with a cloth.


    Your manual will tell you how much your machine can handle. If you go over this limit, the machine will still work. But the extra weight will strain the suspension, so you can expect the machine to reach its old age quicker. It is more economical to do two medium loads instead of one load with clothes stuffed in to fit. 

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