Showing Your Landlord You Are Worthy

19:23' 24-08-2017
Landlords have a reputation for being difficult to deal with. However, many are ordinary, decent people who are only concerned about the safety of their property.

    There's more to it than just a piece of paper. The relationship between tenant and landlord is ultimately about two people getting along.


    With a tight housing market, renting a property means a lot of competition. Landlords can be choosy about who they want as a tenant, so it is important to make it clear that you are ideal. Real estate website Domain has some pointers to help you achieve this goal.


    First appearances are important, so treat your first meeting with the landlord like a job interview. Dress neatly, and avoid a careless, lazy attitude. If you care about the house viewing, chances are you will also care about the house.

    You should also apply this rule to your car. One landlord says he doesn't care how old a car is, or if it needs a wash, but if the inside is full of rubbish, he will wonder if you are going to treat his house the same way.


    You will usually have to fill out a tenancy application form with your name, contact details, renting history, and references for contact. Give only the true facts.

    If you have a pet, or plan to get one, ask about the landlord’s feelings towards pets. Many landlords don't mind tenants having pets, but of course they will expect you to observe some basic rules.

    When you’re living in the house, report any maintenance issues which arise, such as leaking taps, damaged furniture fittings, or equipment not working properly. A small fix is better than an expensive repair problem later on. Also, if something breaks down, it won't look good if you knew about it but said nothing.

    Clutter and filth

    There will always be some clutter in a house that is lived in, but grime and filth are not acceptable. If the landlord has an inspection and sees a greasy stovetop, dirty toilet, stained carpets and so on, it shows you are not caring for the house.

    You should still try to control clutter. If there is too much, such as piles of newspapers or boxes not moving for weeks or months, vermin and insects may start living in them.


    If your landlord wants to talk with you, try to arrange a meeting as soon as possible. Don't keep putting it off. Maybe he just wants to have some work done, and is trying to set a time that is convenient for you. He can't just turn up without your permission, so you are wasting his time if you don't answer his calls. Also, if you have a problem you need to discuss, you can expect a better response.

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