Simple Daily Actions For Effective Weight Loss

18:25' 18-04-2018
It is well known that stress often causes bad eating habits, leading to weight gain. Worrying about how to reduce weight can make the situation worse.

    Mở cửa sổ Hít thở không khí trong lành vào buổi sáng sớm giúp đầu óc thư thái, tăng cường năng lượng, giảm stress. Căng thẳng, lo âu là một trong những nguyên nhân hàng đầu gây tăng cân.


    You can avoid this by introducing a few simple habits into your day, freeing you from stress because you know you are doing something positive.

    • Drink a glass of warm water right after waking up, to detox your body and awaken your body's organs. This will help you feel fuller and reduce your appetite throughout the day.

    • Open the window to breathe fresh air early in the morning. It helps calm the mind, boost energy and relieve stress.

    • After opening the window is a good time do some stretching to warm up your body when starting a new day. Daily light exercise is not only a great way to lose weight, but had other benefits.

    • At every meal, eat vegetables before meat. Vegetables help you stay full longer, so you will eat less of other foods. They also get your digestion process started more easily.

    • Eat healthy snacks in the afternoon. A banana, a glass of orange juice, or a portion of yogurt with berries in the afternoon will help you eat less in the evening.

    • Practice meditation for 10 minutes before bedtime to help you sleep more deeply. Sleeping well not only keeps your body healthy, but also boosts metabolism and reduces fat accumulation.

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