Simple Methods For Preserving Perishables

20:30' 05-04-2018
Putting perishable food in the refrigerator helps keep it fresh, but with a few simple tricks you can make the freshness last longer.

    Hành lá. Bạn có thể đựng hành lá đã cắt nhỏ trong chai nhựa rồi cấp đông. Sau khi được rã đông, hành sẽ vẫn tươi như hôm bạn mới mua ngoài chợ về.


    Put chopped scallions in plastic bottles and freeze them. After defrosting, the scallions will still be as fresh as when you bought them.

    Mushrooms should be kept in paper bags, not plastic bags, as plastic makes the mushrooms sweat. Another method is to put a sheet of tissue in a glass container, spread the mushrooms on the tissue, then lay another sheet of tissue over them.

    Wrap the stalks of bananas with food wrapping paper. This will prevent bananas from spoilage for 3-5 days. Bananas emit ethylene gas, so don't put them next to other fruits.

    Put onions in separate stockings and tie each one. This can retain the flavour of onions for nine months.

    To keep chillis fresh longer, put them in a plastic container in the refrigerator.

    To prevent carrots from spoilage and keep their freshness, cut off their stalks. Then wash carrots and wrap them in a damp towel, before putting them in the refrigerator. You can also store them in a jar of water in the fridge. Change the water if it becomes turbid.

    Lemons keep best if you wrap them individually in paper before putting them in the refrigerator. You can also place half a lemon on a salt or sugar dish, and cover it with a plastic cup.

    It is hard to keep cheese fresh for long. However, you can extend its “longevity”. Place the cheese in a glass bowl, add a sugar cube, and cover the bowl.

    To keep sour cream and yogurt for a long time, cover them with a layer of aluminium foil. Do not store them near onions, garlics or citrus fruit, to avoid them turning smelly.

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