Simple Ways To Handle Stress

20:38' 02-10-2018
Stress is considered a “silent killer”. Low to high stress levels, caused by small problems in life, can do a great deal of harm to your health.

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    Excessive tension can be a cause of muscle pain, headaches, digestive problems, and even more serious problems like depression and heart disease. It is better to deal with it straight away, using whatever method fits your circumstances.


    There is no doubt that physical exercise helps relieve stress. You can try walking, swimming, mountaineering, cycling, or brief practices of yoga, pilates etc.

    Avoid caffeine

    If you have the habit of reaching for a cup of coffee when you are stressed, try reducing it from your daily diet, and replacing it with herbal teas or fruit juices.

    Walk in nature

    Immersing yourself in nature by walking under green trees, in a forest or park, helps improve a bad mood.


    Listen to non-verbal music or melodies to help stabilise your mood.


    Every day, try to list five things that make you feel grateful about your life. This simple act has the effect of improving your mood and reducing stress.


    Stress relieving techniques vary depending on whether you are extraverted or introverted. Some people need exciting activities to temporarily forget their troubles, while others need quiet time to get rid of stress. Only you can tell which is the right method for you.

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