Simple Ways To Make Your Home More Airy

14:00' 21-05-2018
Even if you keep to a diet of only organic foods, such as fruit juices, vegetables, or bread, you can also detox your body every day by simply bringing more air into your home.

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    No chemicals

    Chemical detergents are easy to buy and are convenient for cleansing, but the chemicals in them can badly affect your health. Instead, take advantage of natural detergents such as lemon juice, baking soda or vinegar which are effective, safe and economical, and also efficient cleansers.


    Plants not only give your home a fresh and beautiful look, but also work as an air filter for it, releasing oxygen to keep the air from going stale

    Fresh scents

    Natural homemade or chemical air fresheners will make your space cleaner and airier, helping you work and live more efficiently. You could make a potpourri, by putting dried flowers such as roses or lavender in a muslin bag.

    Air conditioners or purifiers

    There are many small devices you can plug into a power socket to help purify the air. They will help you easily get rid of dirt from your house, and prevent respiratory diseases most effectively.

    Open the window

    Even though opening the window all day will bring some dirt into your house, doing this for a short time each day will help keep your house airier. As long as you pay attention to time and weather, everything will be fine.

    No shoes

    It is ok to wear a pair of house slippers in your house, but shoes are best avoided. You might think that it is cleaner to wear shoes or flip-flops inside, but in fact, it is not true. Shoes are for outside. After a busy day, taking your shoes off helps you relax and de-stress.

    Food storage

    Plastic food containers can damage food stored for too long, and do add a plastic smell to the air. It is better to replace them with glass ones. Also, cooking with stainless steel, copper or cast iron pans will be better for your family's health.

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