Six Thoughts Help The Rich Grow Richer

01:23' 10-01-2018
Bank accounts are not the only thing that distinguish the rich from the poor. More importantly, the richest and most successful people tend to think differently.

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    “Wealth comes from the way you think and what you believe about making money,” says billionaire Steve Siebold in his book “How Rich People Think.” The following are six tips that rich people use to stay ahead.


    Tell yourself that money is never lacking, even when you do not have enough. The rich do not hesitate to use other people's money. If they have great ideas that are not financially viable, they seek people with the money to make their ideas a reality.

    They know that the real question is whether this is something worth buying, investing or pursuing. If it is, money is always available, because there are many others who are looking for great investments and excellent performers to help them make profits.


    Set up high expectations. While the middle class always raise low expectations, so that they will never be disappointed, the rich create high ones and are ready for all challenges.

    No one can be rich and live up to their dreams without great expectations. People often say that you will get what you expect. Many people limit their lives just to protect themselves from failure.

    Money as a game

    The rich think of business, life and profit as a game, and they want to win. That is why millionaires keep working every day to achieve their next success. Money alone is not a measure of success.

    Siebold says their excitement at playing the game also motivates them to constantly raise expectations. The more excited they are, the harder they work and the more they succeed.

    Money as a friend

    The rich consider money to be “one of the greatest allies and friends”. This friend has the power to stop their sleepless nights because of worrying and hurt, and can even save their lives.


    Great people think until fear no longer exists. At that level, everything seems to work. Every dream that others regard as crazy can be surprisingly fulfilled. To do this, you will be ready to leave your safe zone and learn to feel comfortable in a turbulent environment.

    Wealth is natural

    The rich believe that success, achievement and happiness are the natural rules of existence. This motivates them to act in a way that will ensure success. On the other hand, the middle class thinks they are not worth much, and wonder how they can become millionaires. Ask yourself the opposite, and that is exactly what the rich think.

    Phung Nguyen


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