Skin Care Mistakes For Oily Skin

02:30' 07-12-2018
One of the main characteristics of oily skin is that it has large pores and is always oily and shiny. People with oily skin need to be careful in their approach to skin care.

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    Washing the face

    Washing your face can make you feel better, but excessive cleansing will cause the facial skin to lose its natural oils. These oils are important for maintaining the skin's pH balance and proper hydration. Removing natural facial oils can even increase acne.

    Abuse acne treatment products

    People with oily skin use acne creams to deal with their skin, but these products often contain salicylic acid. They are good for acne, but too much use can cause skin peeling.


    Many people believe that oily skin has a high humidity level and does not need moisturisers. This is not so. You still need a moisturiser with the right ingredients. Use ones containing gel and water, and avoid those containing oils. Look for creams containing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which helps balance the water and oils on your face.

    Misuse skin care products

    There are many products available to help remove acne easily. Do not rely on advertising claims, and be wary of the risk to your skin. It is safer to use light formulas, even medicines if needed.

    Rose water

    If you have oily skin, the use of rose water after cleansing it is absolutely necessary. Rose water helps reduce pores and prevent acne. Avoid rose water containing alcohol, as it can dry the skin.

    Squeezing acne

    Never squeeze acne. This can solve the problem in the short term, but later the acne will become worse. After clearing up, the acne will leave scars. Do not touch acne, and it will gradually disappear.

    Hot water

    Hot water will enlarge the pores, making the facial skin more prone to dirt. To avoid dirt and clogged pores, always wash your face with cold water. This will also help firm the skin.

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