Solar Code Of Conduct To Lift Standards

19:30' 10-04-2019

    Solar retailers participating the State Government’s Solar Homes program will have to sign up to a code of conduct to prove they meet the highest safety and quality standards.
    The program will deliver solar hot water systems to 60,000 homes, solar electricity panels to 700,000 homes (including 50,000 rental properties), and solar batteries to 10,000 homes.
    From 1 July, the major solar retailers participating in the Solar Homes program must sign up to the Clean Energy Council’s Solar Retailer Code of Conduct if they wish to continue.All other retailers will have until the 1 November to become signatories to the Code.
    The requirement will protect consumers from dodgy providers and help establish a more level playing field for the solar installation industry, which is booming thanks to the government’s rebate program.
    Retailers that are not signatories to the Code will not be able to take part in the 10-year Solar Homes program.
    The Clean Energy Council will expand its existing application process to ensure solar retailers wanting to take part in the Solar Homes program can have their Code of Conduct applications processed before the deadlines.
    Breaches of the terms of the Solar Retailer’s Code of Conduct will be reviewed by the Clean Energy Council. Sanctions for breaching the code range from warnings to potential loss of Clean Energy Council approval and referral to other agencies, including Consumer Affairs Victoria, WorkSafe and Energy Safe Victoria.
    Solar Victoria is also conducting regular auditing of installed systems to further ensure safety and quality standards are being met.

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