Some Of Australia's Weirdest Records

18:16' 11-02-2019
Australia has many achievements to boast of, such as the invention of refrigeration and the “black box” in aeroplanes.

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    As well as these practical things, Australia also holds some of the craziest world records, as in this list compiled by Insider Guides.

    Tallest inflatable waterslide

    The world’s tallest inflatable waterslide, “Hybrid XL”, is situated in WA capital Perth. It stands at an incredible 22.4 metres tall, taller than a four-storey house.

    Fastest Rubik’s Cube

    Many of us would be happy to solve the Rubik's Cube puzzle in any amount of time, but 22-year-old Feliks Zemdegs from Canberra did it in an incredible 4.22 seconds. He is also the fastest to solve it one-handed, in only 6.88 seconds.

    Moon watching

    When ABC TV hosted the program Stargazing Live last year, it recorded 40,000 people simultaneously observing the moon through telescopes across the country. Australia also held the previous record, where only 7,960 people were involved.

    Longest economic expansion

    Australia holds the record for the longest economic expansion on record, with 104 quarters of economic growth without recession since 1991. This record beats previous record-holder, the Netherlands.

    Car tyre burnout

    To win the record for the world’s largest simultaneous car tyre burnout, a total of 126 vehicles destroyed their tyres in Canberra, with rainbow smoke pouring out from underneath the cars.

    Oldest skydiver

    In 2018, Adelaide's Irene O’Shea became the world’s oldest skydiver, at the age of 102 years and 193 days. She beat the previous record holder, Kenneth Meyer in the USA, by 21 days.

    Largest dessert pizza

    Crust Pizza of the Gold Coast in Queensland made a 46.6-metre-long dessert pizza topped with chocolate, strawberries and cream. It took 20 chefs 16 hours to make, and produced 2,000 slices.

    Most push-ups

    Gold Coast fitness fanatic Jarrad Young managed 2,806 push-ups in one hour.






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