Some Popular Cleaning Tricks Are Myths

19:41' 22-02-2018
Some cleaning tips are widely believed because so many people speak of them, and they have been handed down for years.

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    According to professional cleaner Michael Brooke, there is really no evidence to support these ideas.

    • Many cleaning products are advertised as “killing 99% of germs”. This doesn’t mean 99% of all germs, only 99% of germs in product tests. Studies have shown that soap and water kills germs just as well.

    • Vinegar can clean many things effectively, but it is not the best choice for all surfaces. It works very well on tiles, walls and bathrooms, but not so well on stone, granite or wood.

    • Some say vacuuming too often can ruin your carpet. Brooke says you should avoid vacuuming wool or non-synthetic rugs too often, but modern synthetic rugs are very strong, and you can clean them several times a week without wearing them down noticeably.

    • The term “natural” is used often in marketing, but it has no real meaning. Labelling a product as “natural” doesn’t mean it’s safe. For example, ammonia is completely natural, but is toxic if used in large amounts.

    • Bleach is considered the “ultimate cleaner”, but it is a disinfectant, not a cleaner. It is very effective killing germs, but is no use for cleaning stains. It is also toxic in large amounts.

    • Newspaper is often recommended for cleaning glass, especially windows. However, it is not as good as using an abrasive or absorbent cloth, and will take you longer to do the job.

    • Febreze is a very popular product, and people think it is a powerful cleaner. In fact, it is not a cleaner, it is an air freshener. It has a pleasant smell, and that gives people the idea that things are cleaner.

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