Some Tax Claims Are Over The Top

18:28' 18-07-2018
Every year, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) sees many strange claims for “work expenses” which they have to refuse.

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    You can claim for certain job expenses, such as tools, protective clothing, professional fees, and even transport costs. However, some workers try to push their claims beyond a reasonable limit.

    The following claims, from a number of sources, have been made to the ATO in the past. None were successful.

    • A smoker who had to go to a park near his office for a cigarette tried to claim the cost of sunscreen and an umbrella, because he was sometimes exposed to sun or rain.

    • Another smoker claimed a deduction for the cost of his cigarettes, arguing that they reduced his stress levels.

    • A tradie wanted to claim for the cost of his dog’s food, because sometimes he took his dog to work with him to guard his tools and equipment.

    • You can claim travelling costs if you have to carry bulky tools and equipment, and you have nowhere secure to store them. However, a hairdresser tried to claim her travel costs because she had to transport her scissors and clippers.

    • Some teachers have tried to claim their Foxtel subscription, saying that Foxtel was helpful in forming lesson plans.

    • A PE teacher wanted to claim membership to a football club, on the grounds of “professional development”.

    • An office worker argued that his 60-inch plasma screen TV was not for entertainment, but to use as a second screen for his laptop.

    • A car salesperson attempted to claim cupcakes as necessary “afternoon tea” supplies.

    • One taxpayer even tried to claim the cost of edible underwear.

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