Start Your Day With Warm Honey Water

19:05' 30-07-2018
Drinking a glass of warm water mixed with natures sweetener, honey, every morning helps the body get maximum health benefits, improves the mood, and even makes skin and hair healthier and smoother.

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    • Honey contains antimicrobial and antiseptic agents which help eliminate toxins from the body, giving support to the digestive system.

    • The enzymes, vitamins and minerals in honey play an important role in protecting the body from harmful bacteria. Honey is also a great antioxidant, keeping skin healthy from the inside out.

    • Using pure honey is a way to help your body become familiar with all kinds of pollen in the surrounding areas, helping you become less vulnerable to environmental allergies.

    • A glass of honey water gives you an immediate energy boost, getting rid of laziness and tiredness early in the morning and leaving you feeling refreshed throughout the day.

    • Honey's soothing quality helps you cope effectively with coughs and sore throats.

    • Honey water also helps promote good cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular diseases, and reduce blood pressure.

    • As a good source of natural sugar and effective in suppressing appetite, warm water mixed with honey every day can help lose weight effectively.


    Phung Nguyen



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