Strategy Aims To Reduce Food Waste

20:15' 05-12-2017
According to Sustainability Victoria, each year Victorian households throw out 250,000 tonnes worth of food. This is enough wasted food to fill Melbournes Eureka Tower. Over a third of the average Victorian household rubbish bin is made up of wasted food.

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    Using data from CSIRO, ABS and other sources, the details are surprising. The weight of wasted dairy products and eggs thrown out is about the same weight as 175 blue whales. The weight of fresh vegetables is about 5,800 elephants, and fresh fruit is equal to 10,000 small trucks.

    Wasted rice, pasta and noodles would fill 1,100 garbage trucks, and surprisingly 750 buses worth of raw meat and fish go into the bin.

    In money terms, 20% of the yearly grocery budget is wasted on average. That's like throwing out 1 in every 5 bags of food you buy. In total, Victorians throw out $4 billion worth of food each year, enough to feed 367,000 families for a year.

    Last week the Federal Government announced a new national strategy to slash food waste as part of the first National Food Waste Summit. The Victorian Government, in association with Sustainability Victoria, is already tackling food waste initiatives in its Love Food, Hate Waste campaign.

    The campaign, modelled on similar campaigns in NSW and the United Kingdom, is investing nearly $9 million to help families and businesses reduce waste, support more council collections, and create new waste to energy projects. The Government is also working with businesses to manage food waste, and find new ways to use food and organic waste products.

    To bring Victorian households into the campaign, a website has been set up, delivered by Sustainability Victoria, containing information, recipes, and advice on planning meals and large social events more carefully, using leftovers more efficiently, and using smarter strategies for shopping and storage.

    The campaign is expected to help hundreds of thousands of Victorians reduce their food waste and save up to $2,200 on annual grocery bills over the next four years.

    Visit to find out how you can be involved.

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