Students Make The Perfect Tutors

02:52' 07-12-2018
Most students need a little extra income to help with their living expenses. Although there is a good range of unskilled casual work available, offering your service as a part-time tutor is probably the job that fits best with your study life.

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    • You have more control of the hours you work, both when and for how long.
    • As a student, you already have the knowledge and some of the skills required.
    • Tutoring improves your organisational and personal contact abilities.
    • It looks better on your resume, and increases your employability.

    Finding work

    • Look for job openings on your university or college noticeboards.
    • Put up your own fliers or advertisements, and use sites like Gumtree.
    • Check Facebook and join your local area's “Buy Sell Swap” site.
    • Register with a tutoring agency, such as They may deduct a small commission fee, but they save you the time and effort of looking for tutoring jobs.

    Decide your specialty

    • The first thing is to choose which subject or subjects you can tutor. This can include things you are good at, such as sport. International students can also teach their own language, especially Asian languages.
    • Decide which age range you feel comfortable tutoring. Different levels of schooling need very different teaching methods. 
    • For school and college subjects, find out the curriculum requirements in Australia, including the way the subject is assessed.


    • In most cases, you will tutor students who have difficulty with a subject, needing a lot of patient encouragement.
    • Focus on practical exercises, not explanations, to strengthen the student's concentration.
    • Consult guidebooks from the library or online, and download old exam papers, to help you develop your tutoring outlook. 

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