Surprising Uses For Hair Conditioner

19:29' 24-07-2018
The same things that make hair conditioners good for your hair can be applied around the home for other uses.

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    Washing delicates

    Fill a basin or large bowl with lukewarm or cold water, depending on the garment. Add a good squirt of conditioner. Gently hand wash the garment by moving it around and squeezing it.

    Unclog drains

    Squirt conditioner liberally around the plughole. Run the tap for a couple of minutes.

    Leather boots

    Squirt about a teaspoon of conditioner on each boot, and rub it into the leather with a flannel tea towel. Add more conditioner if necessary.

    Remove makeup

    You can use conditioner as a makeup remover, even around the eyes. Smear the conditioner on your skin first, then wipe it off with cotton balls.

    Soften your cuticles

    Put a dab of conditioner on each fingernail, leave it for a minute or so, and wipe it off gently with cloth.


    Use conditioner the same way you would use shaving cream. It is much gentler on the skin.

    Prevent rust

    Conditioner gives hair a protective coat to help avoid breakage. This also works on household items that are in danger of rusting. Simply smear the conditioner on the areas where rust might occur.

    Did you know that this protection can extend to more than just your hair? Take advantage of this protective coating by using conditioner


    You can give a new shine to plants such as succulents, rubber plants and so on. First gently wipe off any dust with a cloth. Add a drop of conditioner to each surface. Spread it over surface with your fingers until it is completely absorbed.

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