The Best Job Choices For Overseas Students

18:22' 24-08-2017
International students often rely on part-time work to help them cover their living costs. This kind of work also has the advantage of the chance to improve English language skills.


    Insider Guides asked online job-matching platform OneShift to suggest jobs which are the best matches for international students in Australia.

    Retail Sales Assistant

    This job involves helping customers in the store, dealing with stock and cleaning. You will have many interactions with colleagues and customers, but you also spend a lot of time on your feet.

    Call Centre Staff

    Being on the phones all the time, either selling or offering customer service or advice, you get plenty of English practice. However, you have the same conversation hundreds of times a day, with no physical activity.

    Administrative Assistant

    This role is an entry-level position in an office environment, usually doing simple repetitive tasks, from making coffees and sorting mail to writing emails and copying documents.

    Customer Services Officer

    For this job you need good people skills and a high level of English, as you deal with complaints, requests, and many different issues. It is a good place to start if you are looking for a better job in a particular organisation.


    Also requiring good English skills, you will have many duties, to welcome guests, book flights, prepare meeting rooms and more. You are the “face” of the  company, so you need a very professional attitude, excellent appearance, and be punctual. Overseas students have an advantage if the position requires bilingual abilities.


    It is fairly easy to find this work, but often it is stressful, and always fast paced. You also need to understand the restaurant's customer service policy. Duties include taking orders, cleaning, and making bookings.


    To work as a bartender, you must have a Certificate for Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA). This can be acquired by a very short training session of only a few hours. In Victoria online RSA certificates are not accepted.

    Other possible job choices are kitchen hand, cleaner, and Sales Representative. These are all tough jobs, mainly because of longer hours worked. Cleaners may have to work early morning, before offices open. Sales Representatives are sometimes only paid on commission, meaning you don’t get paid unless you sell.

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