The Best Pants And Skirts For Leg Weaknesses

19:52' 03-11-2017
If your legs are short, bowed or too big, you should choose the appropriate clothing to disguise those weaknesses.

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    Bow legs

    Bow legs are easily exposed if you wear pants or skirts that are above or at your knees, exposing your calves. To overcome this weakness, do not wear too short bottoms, but choose straight leg pants or A-shaped skirts instead, especially if they are as long as your calves.

    Skinny legs

    Tight pants or pants with vertical stripes will expose your skinny legs. To avoid this, choose light coloured straight leg pants, or full skirts that are as long as your knees, to show your slim calves. Ankle high socks will also help your legs look bigger.

    Big legs

    If you have big legs, you should choose dark straight leg pants that are not too tight or too loose. For skirts, they should be A-shaped and below your knees. Avoid pants or skirts that are made of flimsy or soft cloth. They can cause your legs to look even bigger.

    Short legs

    High rise pants or skirts are an effective solution for people with short legs. Also, the length of the pants should be reasonable, and a little above your ankles, to make your legs look longer. Avoid loose or baggy pants as much as possible.

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