The Best Ways To Water Your Garden

19:47' 08-11-2017
With warmer weather predicted for this summer, home gardeners need to take precautions to protect their plants from the heat and conserve water usage.

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    Lumo Energy suggests ten simple ways to achieve both goals.

    • Collect rainwater while the wet weather lasts. Installing a rainwater tank is a worthwhile investment if you have a large garden.
    • Use a slow drip irrigation system on a timer to ensure your plants get a regular and thorough watering.
    • Attach a “grey water” hose to your washing machine and use it to water trees and garden beds.
    • Surround the base of your plants with wood chips, lawn cuttings or other mulch to trap water in the soil and reduce evaporation.
    • Water deeply rather than frequently, and use a strict watering schedule.
    • Water the roots, not the leaves. Watering the leaves wastes most of the water, and can also cause the spread of fungal infections.
    • Water your garden before it rains, as it improves the soil penetration of the rain.
    • Water pot plants by hand, using a watering can.
    • When watering with the hose, attach a good quality spray nozzle with an adjustable flow and on/off flow control.
    • Water in the evenings if possible, when the direct sun has moved away from the garden.

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